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Jiu Jitsu Wildwood – Jiu Jitsu Gym

Jiu Jitsu Wildwood. Jiu Jitsu starts and ends at Gracie Barra Schools. Within our Wildwood dojo, you will have the chance to experience the amazing art of Jiu Jitsu through structured classes such as Men’s MMA, Women’s Defense, Kids and Teenagers, Children’s Martial Arts. Our classes are engaging and inclusive, and can teach you the essential art of Brazilian jiu jitsu while also showing you how you can improve your physical and mental self. If you’re ready to challenge yourself and see what you’re made of, join our Jiu Jitsu School near Wildwood

Why Train With Gracie Barra?

Our Wildwood Jiu Jitsu classes provide aspiring martial artists with the most exciting and engaging physical fitness and martial arts experience in the Wildwood area. While our students will learn and improve in the art of jiu jitsu, they will also be given the guidance and support they need to become better and stronger individuals who will feel confident enough to take on an conquer any obstacles they may face in life.
  • Over 61 years of Martial Arts knowledge
  • Martial Arts Tradition that originates from Japan and Brazil
  • Worlds #1 Martial Arts Team
  • Unique Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu Philosophy
  • Accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coaches
  • Welcoming and Challenging Environment for all ages
  • Diet Education
  • Stress Relief Workouts

Alongside learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, students will have higher integrity and sense of self, improved strength and conditioning, as well as improved balance, energy levels, and focus through learning the important values of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sportsmanship. Every aspiring martial artist that joins our jiu jitsu gym in Wildwood becomes a member of our family.

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Jiu Jitsu Gym Wildwood

A True Martial Art

Our Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gym in Wildwood has set the standard for what a jiu jitsu gym should be. Our team treats jiu jitsu as an art, and we’re always excited to bring aspiring martial artists into our team and teach them the ways of our school and family. Are you ready to improve your life in every aspect? Are you ready to have a better sense of self and self-esteem as well as improve physical abilities? Contact the team to learn how you can become part of the Gracie Barra lifestyle now.

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Monday 4:30–8PM
Tuesday 12–8:30PM
Wednesday 4:30–8PM
Thursday 12–8:30PM
Friday 4:30–8PM
Saturday 10AM–12PM
Sunday Closed

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