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Clarkson Valley Gracie jiu-jitsu, MO. The classes offered at the Gracie Barra school are aligned with Master Carlos Gracie Jr.’s Program Structure to meet the learning needs of students from all age groups, of all genders, and with different levels of experience. Regardless of whether you are looking to get fit, want to learn how to protect yourself, need a way to alleviate stress, would like your child to be active in an extracurricular, or are a martial artist striving to develop your skill set, this is a place for everyone. When you take Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at our Clarkson Valley school, you will find that you grow as a person along the journey of achieving your goals.

Gracie Barra in Clarkson Valley is a clean, welcoming, and fun environment that enables students to undergo challenging and inspirational training that makes them feel like coming back. Traditional Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is a practice of joint locks immobilizations, throws, strikes, and chokes. However, BJJ is also a way of life. At Gracie Barra, our instructors prepare their students for life by leading them to paths that lead to healthier physical, mental, and spiritual strength. To learn more, get in touch with us our visit our school today.

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Monday 4:30–8PM
Tuesday 12–8:30PM
Wednesday 4:30–8PM
Thursday 12–8:30PM
Friday 4:30–8PM
Saturday 10AM–12PM
Sunday Closed

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